Now DoorDash could start delivering your Facebook Marketplace purchases, too

You may soon have the option to have your Facebook Marketplace purchases picked up and delivered by DoorDash. According to a report from The Wall Street Journal, Facebook’s parent company, Meta, is partnering with DoorDash to deliver Marketplace items located up to 15 miles away.

Not every item is eligible for delivery, though. Sources tell the WSJ that DoorDash will only deliver items that are small enough to fit in the trunk of a car, and that drivers are expected to make deliveries within 48 hours. Either way, it sounds like a helpful option for anyone who isn’t able to pick up an item themselves.

It also fills a gap in Facebook Marketplace’s existing local delivery options, which only lets you get larger items delivered through a service called Dolly. The service is limited to a little over two dozen cities throughout the US, and lets you connect with one or two local “helpers” that will load bulky items — like a refrigerator, bookshelf, or air conditioner — into a pickup truck and deliver them to your house for a fee. Aside from Dolly and DoorDash, Meta also lets Marketplace sellers ship items directly to a buyer’s address.

It’s still not exactly clear how many Marketplace users currently have the option for DoorDash deliveries, or how much it costs. Both Meta and DoorDash confirmed the initiative to the WSJ, and say they’ve already been testing it in several cities in the US. When reached for comment, DoorDash spokesperson Ali Musa declined to share any further information, and Meta didn’t immediately respond.

The partnership comes just months after DoorDash CEO Tony Xu joined Meta’s board of directors, and has reportedly been in discussion since 2021. Over the past few years, DoorDash has been broadening its delivery service to include items other than takeout orders, as it also delivers groceries, alcohol, personalized gifts, prescriptions, and even COVID-19 test kits. Last year, the company inked a deal with Dollar General to offer same-day delivery, and is also looking to expand its service to Europe.

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