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How to Use Your Online Presence For Good

Once upon a time, people with the greatest influence were limited to those in movies, major athletes, and musicians. However, this decade has introduced an entirely new form of celebrity— influencers. 

Having a significant online presence provides a tremendous opportunity to make a difference in the world. You can inspire people and spread joy and happiness thanks to your large reach. If you have a considerable number of followers and want to harness that power for good, here are some ideas on how to do it.

Be Authentic

The first step is to be as authentic as possible. Instead of curating a page that makes your life look perfect, be real. Share the nitty-gritty details so that people can relate to you. Share your genuine experiences and thoughts. If people see you’re going through something similar, this fosters a sense of trust and may even help someone make it through a difficult time.

Offer Advice

In addition to sharing your thoughts and experiences, you can offer actual advice. Some people have built full-fledged careers out of this. For example, they may offer a booklet for a certain price that includes tips and advice to help others reach the same level of success they have. This kind of inside scoop on how to achieve success won’t just spread positivity by helping others but is also an opportunity for you to make some money.

Be Positive

Along with the good aspects of social media, also come many toxic elements. When people feel frustrated or down, they often turn to their social media accounts to vent. While venting is undoubtedly something you should feel free to do, it’s essential not to spread too much negativity. 

Be positive when posting because you can make a more significant difference in someone’s day by posting something overly optimistic rather than overly pessimistic. Do your part in spreading love and joy, and encourage a positive environment free of judgment and criticism.

Support Small Businesses

Consider supporting small businesses in your area by using your large audience to boost them up. Encourage people to buy locally rather than opting for big brands that already have plenty of customers. You can do this by sharing their stories and promoting their products. Encourage your audience to get involved by sharing these posts as well. Even just one post can make a world of difference in their overall success.

Lead By Example

Often, social media can be a place full of negativity and even bullying. Actively lead by example by cultivating a positive and supportive environment on your page. Encourage followers to be respectful and moderate any discussions on your page to prevent toxic conversations. Remember, positivity starts with leading by example, rather than simply telling people how to do it. The more you can lead by example, the more people will be inspired to do and be the same.

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