WWDC 2022: all the news coming out of Apple’s annual Worldwide Developers Conference

It’s time for Apple’s Worldwide Developers Conference, with the keynote kicking off on June 6th at 1PM ET / 10AM PT. Unlike the last two years when the event was fully virtual, Nilay Patel and David Pierce will be on-site for a viewing party, and perhaps more.

WWDC is where the company spills all the beans on its latest OS updates and we get to guess the next California landmark to be named for the expected release of macOS 13. There are a whole lot of OSes coming out of Cupertino over the last seven years, like watchOS, tvOS, iPadOS, and now we might see evidence of the rumored RealityOS that will power a long-rumored AR / VR headset from Apple.

Yes, we’ll also get to see the latest developments on new iOS features, but, let’s be real — we are here to find out if Apple is ready to tell us what comes after the M1 processor. Will we get an M2 that is slightly iterative, or will we get a processor that breaks away from all the Pros, Maxes, and Ultras and starts a new line for a new MacBook Air? Will we finally get a glimpse of the Apple Car? Well, probably not. But whatever comes out of WWDC, rest assured, The Verge will bring the news to you.

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