The Top 4 Tools to Speed Up Your Writing Process

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As we all know, writing is a great tool for communicating information. It has been around for centuries, and it is still one of the most powerful ways to convey your thoughts, ideas, and experiences to others. However, writing can also be an extremely time-consuming process. It often takes a long time to craft the perfect sentence or paragraph, and even longer to write multiple pages. If you are working on a lengthy project, you may find yourself spending hours upon hours attempting to complete it.

If you want to save time while writing, there are some tools that can help you out. These tools will allow you to create an outline of your thoughts before they make their way onto the page, which is useful because it eliminates much of the back-and-forth between multiple drafts.

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1. Best grammar checker: Grammarly

Grammarly is an app that checks your grammar and spelling while you type. Grammarly is designed to correct the kinds of mistakes that a person makes when typing quickly or working with the written word on a computer. Whether you’re replying to emails, posting on social media or writing articles for work, Grammarly can help save you from embarrassing mistakes.


  • Can be accessed through an extension for Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Microsoft Edge, Safari and Opera, or as a standalone desktop application

  • Offers 250+ types of grammatical errors, including missing words, incorrect punctuation and typos

  • Easy explanations for why corrections need to be made


2. Best organization and project manager: Asana

Asana is a workplace management dashboard that helps streamline communication across companies and teams. Asana is customizable and allows users to break down projects into tasks and set clear goals for teams. It also has integration with hundreds of other apps that businesses use, like Google Drive and Outlook.


  • Easy drag-and-drop function

  • Can integrate your team and give clear responsibilities, like who is in charge of writing what topic


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3. Best writing assistant: has been making waves in the world of AI copywriting since its inception in 2021. Over the years, it has become one of the highest quality and reliable tools in the industry.

It’s a cutting-edge AI copywriting tool that offers original quality content in seconds. Powered by artificial intelligence and machine learning, offers 100+ marketing tools with a data-driven approach to provide users all the content they need to quickly generate copy for blogs, web, ecommerce, emails or ideas. You can start generating content with just a few clicks and never be without fresh writing ideas again. A must-have for content managers, marketing teams and anyone else who needs to deliver engaging content on a regular basis.


  • Advanced AI: Depending on the toolset and user, they rotate between engines to create human-like content. One of the main ones being GPT-3 (if you haven’t heard of GPT-3 by OpenAI, it’s a cutting-edge language prediction model that uses deep learning to create text that is strikingly human-like).

  • Customizations for tone, audience: It will help you match the tone of your business so that the overall essence stays intact. Tone options include funny, intelligent, clever, etc.

  • Unique content: is well-known for creating unique content. The software doesn’t allow duplicates, so every user gets their own, original content without sacrificing quality.

  • 25+ languages: If you want to write content that will resonate with a global audience, this software can help. The software has been updated and now includes a 26-language translation.

  • Team portal and enterprise features:’s latest release offers team capabilities to craft content while collaborating in real-time. You can compete, interact and review your team’s creation all while tracking progress and usage.


  • Learning curve: With over 100 tools and frameworks, it is easy to get lost. Users would benefit from a learning portal.

  • Lacks community: An area in which you’re able to communicate with other users would be helpful.

  • No citations or references: It is important to do due diligence and see if, in fact, the content being used is accurate. The application sometimes provides random information that needs to be edited.

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4. Best SEO checker: Semrush

Semrush is an all-in-one tool suite for improving online visibility and discovering marketing insights. The tools and reports are able to help marketers who work in the following services: SEO, PPC, SMM, keyword research, competitive research, PR, content marketing, marketing insights and campaign management. Semrush has over 800 million unique domains monitored for 142 databases, over 43 trillion backlinks and 21 billion keywords.


  • Creates simplified reports

  • Allows you to easily monitor and manage traffic analytics

  • Allows you to perform advanced SEO tasks with ease


  • Semrush only provides data for one search engine (Google)

  • Some competitive analysis features cost an additional $200 per month

  • Site is difficult to use on a mobile device

We are living in the age of information, and yet we still find ourselves struggling to keep up. How can we keep up with the ever-increasing amount of tools that are coming to the market every day? How can we stay on top of our workloads when there are so many distractions? These tools above are just the starting point.

Choosing the right tools for your needs can be difficult. There are so many blogwriting and content creator tools out there, and it can be hard to decide which one is best for you. More important than the tool is your own workflow and the way you do your work. If the tools are not included in your workflow, they are just worthless and will not make you more efficient. So, take the time to test new tools like above, and integrate them in your daily business life.

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