Tell Us About Your Experience With Mental Health Apps

When many retreated into their homes at the start of the pandemic, virtual mental health start-ups positioned themselves as antidotes to emotional distress. Psychoanalysis went from the couch to the camera; psychologists found new ways to communicate with patients; and some psychiatrists issued more prescriptions online. For many, these services were a lifeline during the despair of lockdowns, and as life outside the home resumed, virtual therapy persisted. But some therapy app users and employees have spoken out about alleged wrongdoing in the world of online mental health, making claims about companies that are improperly prescribing psychiatric medications and infringing on consumer privacy.

The New York Times is working on a story about therapy apps and wants to hear from those who have used them. Have you sought mental health treatment online? What was the experience like? Please use the form below to share your story, and a reporter may be in touch. (We won’t share your comments without your permission.)

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