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It’s World Photography Day—and we couldn’t find any exposures this cool to celebrate with.

From old school entertainers like Frank Sinatra and Sammy Davis Jr. to rock staples like The Kinks and Todd Rundgren – this guy has a knack for jumping into the artwork of his favorite album covers.

Illustrator Wayne Honath, also known as Wayno, is a cartoonist and photographer whose hobbies include posing with LPs from his record collection.

In every one of his “Record Head” photos, Wayno perfectly frames himself so that it looks like his body belongs to the face of the artist on the album.

Despite our never having seen images like this, Wayno informed us that it was not an original idea—though his own choices for Record Head poses are praiseworthy.

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“People have been doing things like this forever, it’s certainly not a new idea on my part!” he told Good News Network. “A Canadian artist I know … set up a Record Heads Facebook group, and I decided to participate.”

“I looked through my own record collection to find suitable covers to photograph and I did all of the photos on my phone, using a small phone tripod.”

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Since he’s dedicated himself to illustrating for Bizarro, the online comic series, he hasn’t had time for any new Record Head photo shoots, but you can see all 46 of his images here in this Wayno Illustration Facebook album.

“I had to cut back because (now) I have a daily deadline, so my creative energies are primarily to the comic,” he told GNN. “I still have some album covers set aside for future record head photos, but I don’t know when I’ll ever get to them. I’ll only do them when I have time to make them as good as the ones I’ve done in the past.

Frank Sinatra – Photo by © Wayno
Miles Davis – Photo by © Wayno
James Moody – Photo by © Wayno
Sammy Davis Jr. – Photo by © Wayno
Todd Rundgren – Photo by © Wayno
Zero Mostel – Photo by © Wayno
Tennessee Ernie Ford – Photo by © Wayno
John Cooper Clarke – Photo by © Wayno
The Kinks – Photo by © Wayno

These Will Have Your Friends Spinning: Be Sure And Share the Fun – Photos by © Wayno

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