It’s ChromeOS now, not Chrome OS

Chrome OS, Google’s Linux-based operating system for its Chromebook devices, has been around for more than a decade, but the company has made a small but notable branding change: it’s now called ChromeOS, with no space in between. James Croom, Google’s senior director of marketing for ChromeOS, confirmed the change to The Verge.

You can see the change for yourself all over Google’s ChromeOS dev page (though the official logo at the top appears to have a lowercase c.)

That’s three entire spaces saved just in this screenshot. (And four if you count the logo.)
Screenshot from Google’s ChromeOS dev page

The change hasn’t rolled out everywhere just yet. On this ChromeOS page on Google’s Chromebook site, for example, Google still spells the operating system as two separate words. According to Croom, the company is aware the change isn’t reflected everywhere but is working toward making it appear more consistently, so it sounds like the new ChromeOS branding will be switched over eventually.

Look at that those spaces!
Screenshot from Google’s Chrome OS page on its Chromebooks site

I know this isn’t the biggest deal in the world, but we here at The Verge love to look at branding and logos. Apple long ago moved its operating systems to the “thingOS” branding, and I’m wondering if Google might do something similar. Wear OS still has a space — maybe Google will drop it in favor of WearOS when the Pixel Watch launches this fall? I’m also going to write the word “AndroidOS” so that we can collectively manifest it into existence. Or better yet, “FuchsiaOS.”

I’m kidding (mostly) with those last two, and we don’t have any indication that Google plans to change anything but ChromeOS. But if you’ve gotten used to writing Chrome OS with that space, it’s officially time to stop.

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