How Success Happened for Bart Roselli, SVP of Growth at Veritone One

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Bart Roselli is the senior vice president of growth at Veritone One, a leading audio advertising agency that helps brands maximize their influencer and audio marketing portfolios by utilizing performance-based metrics. After spending the first six years of his career absorbing as much knowledge from traditional media such as radio, TV, and print while at a small marketing company in New Jersey, Roselli joined ROI Media before its acquisition by Veritone One. In less than a month, he interviewed and was recruited, moving cross country to join the team.

Veritone One

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“I wasn’t learning anymore,” Roselli says. “I was getting bored, and I knew there was so much more out there that I needed to learn and expose myself to. So, for me, the move was a gut decision that just felt right.”

In the first few months, he was consistently challenged to interact with audio differently, helping him harness skills that would help grow the business into what it is today. As a result, Veritone One, in the last 11 years, has grown from approximately $30+ million in annual billing to eclipsing more than 10 times that annually.

Growth roadmap

To grow Veritone One, the company built a core nucleus of thought leaders, helping them attract the best and brightest minds in the industry across all departments. Working in performance marketing, Roselli and the team at large have always been incredibly passionate and competitive. They strive to improve holistically and individually, which has bred an environment of progressive thinking.

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As a result, everyone became addicted to driving growth and challenging the status quo, pushing Roselli and the rest of the team to identify new marketing channels of opportunity. One of their methods of challenging the status quo is incorporating artificial intelligence (AI) technology into their daily practice. Adding these new tools with an already exceptional team supercharged their capabilities, taking them to the next level.

Technology at the forefront

Establishing this culture of excellence and empowering it with the latest technology has directly led to Veritone One working with some of the most recognized organizations in the world across fintech, medical, retail, food, beverage, and more. Adding the AI tech piece ensures Roselli and the team have near real-time insights into performance, increasing their agility and ability to respond as environments evolve.

“If you read about advancements in your industry in the trades and are forced to react, then you are already too late,” says Roselli. “You need to be driving the industry forward, and be mindful that change will always initially be met with some resistance.” The foundation of this type of thinking is what propels a team to keep challenging the status quo. You can’t expect to create change if you don’t foster this mindset—but that’s half the battle.

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Roselli says, “Ideas are cheap; execution is everything. In other words, you need to have not only the right visionaries in your company but the right team to execute. Putting the right minds in the right areas with leading tools has directly resulted in our continued success as individuals in our careers and as an organization. Make sure wherever you work, it’s not just a job. I’m still at Veritone One for over 11 years because of the amazingly talented people I work with. That coupled with a passion for what you do helps foster success.”

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