First look at Netflix’s Wendell & Wild introduces Kat

Regardless of the circumstances, it’s never not a great idea to make deals with demons from the underworld when they pop up offering to make deals. In the first look at Netflix’s upcoming stop-motion animated feature Wendell & Wild, from director Henry Sellick, that’s precisely what an unsuspecting teenager does.

Rather than debuting a new Wendell & Wild teaser or trailer during this year’s Netflix Geeked Week, the streamer instead released a short clip introducing Kat Elliott (Lyric Ross), a 13-year-old girl dealing with a load of guilt that leads to her making a pact with demon brothers Wendell (Keegan-Michael Key) and Wild (Jordan Peele).

The newly released clip finds Kat sneaking into a classroom in search of what appears to be an ordinary stuffed bear that’s been possessed by… something, but it isn’t all that clear what. Short as the clip is, it establishes the eerie, whimsical tone that will shape Kat’s story as she summons Wendell and Wild to the Land of the Living, and it makes clear that the movie will be something that Coraline fans, in particular, will likely enjoy when Wendell & Wild hits Netflix this October.

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