Albuquerque Gas Station Cut Prices in Half to “Try to Help Out” Customers For a Few Hours

Dominic Holguin, CEO of Chronic Kings Gas Station / KOB4 news. YouTube.

Last Saturday, an Albuquerque gas station treated the city to a customer appreciation day, by cutting their gasoline prices in half between 10:00 AM and noon.

The staff at Chronic Kings Dispensary and Gas Station on Lomas and Arnold street were tired of seeing neighbors struggle with record high gas prices, so with 5,000 gallons waiting in the tanks, they decided to help out.

“It’s mainly just to give back to the people and try to help them out just for a few hours,” says Chronic Kings CEO Dominic Holguin, who mentioned to local news he expected the whole city to show up.

“They’re upset about it, we’re upset about it, that’s kind of the reason we’re doing this event.”

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Years of falling investment in and government antagonism on oil drilling and refining in the West had, by January of 2022, placed the global oil market on course for record-high profits as developing-world demand continued growing while production lagged behind.

Then after the War in Ukraine started, Western governments avoided attempts to assist in rapid negotiations to end the conflict, and engaged instead in an economic war of attrition that saw the West cut from the Russian gas market.

This has brought gas prices to their highest levels in Europe and North America in history.

But the United States has seen a few gas station owners rejecting their own margin requirements and offering gas at cut rates as a way of giving their communities a break.

GNN reported in June that a Sikh man in Phoenix was losing hundreds of dollars a day by selling gasoline at 50 cents cheaper than what he buys it for.

“If you have something, you have to share it with other people,” said Jaswiendre Singh at the time.

Ravi Patel, owner of a Georgia Chevron gas station offered 50% off over the July 4th weekend, taking a $12K hit in the process of helping out his community.

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