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3 Secrets of Happy People You Didn’t Know About

Happiness—that often elusive feeling that every human longs to attain. For some of us, happiness comes in waves or bursts, while for others, it seems absent altogether. The world can be a cruel place, and we can often find ourselves at the mercy of our outward circumstances. Yet, if our happiness directly resulted from our circumstances, how do you explain people attaining bliss in adversity? Some of the happiest people in the world live in poverty and conflict and have somehow managed to live a joyful and fulfilling life.

The truth is that people who live a blissful life, from their younger years well into their senior years, share certain practices in common.  Ready to know the secret? Here are some secrets of happy people you didn’t know about.

They Practice Gratitude

So many people are focused on the idea that happiness is a result of attaining everything you want. People think that once they have checked off everything on their list, they will somehow achieve instant happiness. However, the secret to being a happy person is living your life as if you already have everything. 

The truth is no matter how many things you accumulate, you’ll eventually always feel like you want something else. Happy people are grateful for what they have now— in the moment

They practice gratitude and recognize everything they have rather than focusing on what they lack. Whether it’s appreciating a beautiful day, or the fact that they have a warm meal in their belly, it’s the little things that count for them that ultimately contribute to their overall well-being.

They Have Close Relationships

Albert Einstein once said, “We know from daily life that we exist for other people first of all for whose smiles and well-being our own happiness depends.”  In other words, happy people invest in and cultivate their relationships with others. They have a close-knit circle and a strong support system. Their meaningful connections are there to carry them through their darkest moments and give them a sense of comfort knowing they’ll always have someone there to support them.

They Are Positive

A lot of people think that happy people are happy because they’re simply lucky to have only good things happen to them. Yet, the truth is plenty of unfavorable circumstances came their way before. Yet, at some point, they realized that if they kept a positive mindset, more positive things would come their way. The truth is that we are what we attract. If you see a situation as potential gloom and doom, then chances are it will turn out that way. However, if you stay optimistic and positive, then things will usually unfold in that direction!

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