Two-Thirds of Dog Owners Want to Get Pets Involved in Their Wedding Day

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Nearly two-thirds of dog owners want to get their pets involved in their wedding day—acting as ring bearers, bridesmaids, and even the best man, according to a new poll.

Of 2,000 dog owners, 60 percent already knew someone who included their dog in their wedding.

The most popular roles for dogs on the big day were ring bearer (50 percent), flower girl (17 percent) and page boy (13 percent).

And just shy of one in 10 (nine percent) would even have their dog as the groom’s best man.

It also emerged that couples would be prepared to spend an average of $75 to get their pooches ready for the nuptials.

“This poll reflects the growing trend of newlyweds wanting to involve pets in their big day, whether it’s to walk them down the aisle or be a ringbearer,” said Xavier Flamand, of Amazon Handmade which launched its new wedding store and commissioned the poll.

The survey also found that a full 93 percent believe that because a dog is part of the family, they should be involved at the wedding.

76 percent of respondents agree that guests would react positively to having dogs involved at a wedding.


70 percent said they would ask if a venue were dog-friendly when scoping out possible locations for the big day.

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It seems, dogs would also have their own banquet, as 68% said they would get a special dish prepared for their pet.

Alexandra Moston, who had her Labrador Hugo by her side at her special day last year, said: “Hugo is such an important part of the family, so it was only natural for us to make sure he was a part of our day.

“We wanted Hugo’s presence as ‘Best Dog’ and ring bearer to be a surprise for all our guests, so we only told the best men and vicar!

“We got the best man to pretend he had forgotten the rings, but then Hugo came bounding down the aisle. It was an amazing moment that made everyone smile.

Alexandra and Mike Moston’s wedding, with Hugo. SWNS / OnePoll

“He also treated our guests to some dog biscuits for their four-legged friends to take home.”

When deciding what their dog will wear for the special occasion, a special collar with a ring box on it was the most popular choice (46 percent), according to the survey carried out by OnePoll.

This was closely followed by a custom suit (42 percent), bow tie (39 percent), floral collar (26 percent) and a custom dress (21 percent), as other possible outfit options.


One wedding planner, Mark Niemierko, says he actually hired corgis for a wedding recently, calling it a “brilliant addition”.

“It really calmed guests down and I’ll definitely be doing it again.”

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Top 10 Dog Wedding Outfits

1. A special collar with a ring box on it – 46%
2. A custom suit – 42%
3. A bow tie – 39%
4. A floral collar – 25%
5. A special bandana – 23%
6. A custom dress – 21%
7. A hat – 13%
8. A bow for their tail – 11%
9. Special shoes – 7%
10. A fascinator (formal headpiece) – 5%

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