Toddler Solves a Missing Person’s Case During Playtime

Brittany Moore and her 1 1/2-year-old son Ethan, were playing with bubbles in their Georgia backyard. Ethan and the family dog chased some of the bubbles to the back fence and something suddenly caught the child’s attention.

“And I went over there, and I was like, ‘What do you see buddy?’ and he pointed, and he said, ‘Feet,’” Brittany Moore told Inside Edition.

How One Toddler Solved a Missing Person’s Case

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When Brittany crouched to her son’s level, she also saw feet. There was woman laying in the wooded area on the other side of the fence. She was alive but disoriented.

The woman was 82-year-old Nina Lipscomb who had missing for a few days after she wandered away from a home where she was visiting family.

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Nina’s daughter, Karen Lipscomb, was relieved to hear her mother had been found alive and said it was fitting that it was a little boy that found her. ‘We pulled out every resource that we thought we needed, but it was a little boy and she’s very fond of children,” Karen said to Inside Edition.

Nina suffers from early onset Alzheimer’s and Karen said her mother left the house to look for her sister who recently passed away.

After she returned home, Nina had a chance to meet the little boy that saved her life. Karen re-shared the Facebook post Brittany had shared highlighting the entire incident and the happy ending with the caption, “Angels come in all shapes and sizes.” 

One toddler’s keen observation and being in the right place at the right time saved a woman’s life and brought a worried family back together.


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