Tunisians Make Generator That Produces Drinking Water From Thin Air – 25 Liters Per Day


A tech start-up has developed a product that allows safe drinking water to be refined from vapor in the air.

Kumulus has designed and produced a product that is able to ‘produce 20 to 30 liters of healthy drinking water per day’.

It is able to refine the water vapor in the air and put it through a system that kills any harmful bacteria.

The drinking water is collected in a small reservoir and is then ready to be safely consumed.

The company believes that access to safe drinking water should not be a luxury and is a right to all human beings on Earth.


Kumulus’ machines are designed to be fully autonomous meaning that when fully operational they can be transported, set up, and maintained easily across the globe.

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CEO Iheb Triki is seen in the footage explaining how a prototype of the product works and giving an overview of each part’s function.

“The Kumulus technology is a replication of the dew effect and condensation of water from the air,” a Kumulus spokesperson said. “Humid air is drawn into the machine and passes through a particle filter then goes through a cooling process that causes droplets of water to appear in the collector.

“The dry air is now pushed out of the machine, while the water collected gets filtered multiple times to ensure the absence of any particles or bacteria and then gets mineralized and saved in the water reservoir, ready to be served on demand.”

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The company has an ongoing mission to give the whole world access to drinking water and plans on further developing ideas to replace current systems that are already in place.

“We aim to provide everyone with their own sustainable and autonomous source of drinking water,” a spokesperson added.

“Currently, we are targeting locations that have access problems with a solution that brings fresh water to their hands.

“In the future, we aim to provide the Kumulus technology as a more sustainable and economical alternative to the solutions currently present in the market.”

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