Artist Draws Astounding Portraits with Both Her Hands and Feet at the Same Time –WATCH


With a brush in each limb, a Dutch artist is going viral for her ability to draw portraits with all four hands and feet simultaneously.

Rajacenna, an artist from Rotterdam, can complete up to six illustrations at the same time—two for each hand, and one for each foot.

“In 2019 the idea came to me to be more productive because I didn’t make any artworks for the previous years due to health issues,” said Rajacenna, who prefers to keep her surname and age confidential.

She started drawing at the age of 16 and soon became a published artist, eventually teaching herself how to draw with her feet and hands to stop herself from getting bored.

“I didn’t practice it at all and just started doing it.”

Rajacenna claims that the root of her talent lies in her brain, and that she once took an EEG scan which revealed extraordinary brain performance while drawing.

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“The connectivity between the left and right brain are totally connected and three times higher than normal,” she explained. “So they exchange information at a very fast speed.”

“It’s constantly multitasking between all the drawing that I’m working on. I switch my focus back and forth,” she added. “The latest pieces I created with pencils and paint. I don’t really think about the techniques I use.”

She often works with portraits, mostly public figures such as the Duke and Duchess of Sussex, Billie Eilish, or Justin Bieber, with a set needing around 40 hours of work.

“I always draw people that I love and inspire me, for my other work I love to create things from my imagination.”

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