The One Thing Everyone Wants — and How to Get It!

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There is one thing nearly everyone in the world wants — and it’s not limited to any one particular material item. Whether it comes to professional success, creativity, passion, purpose, energy, productivity, money, love, friends, happiness or anything else you can imagine, the response is nearly universal. And it is fairly obvious and simple: MORE. Think about it. It is hard to imagine any person in any walk of life who does not want more of something. And it is perfectly natural to want more good things for yourself and others.

Some might argue that wanting more is somehow selfish or petty, but abundance provides greater opportunity to share and express gratitude. And if pursued appropriately, it not only reflects healthy and responsible ambition, but it also serves as a leadership model and inspiration for others. Thus, it is really not so much the desire for more, but what we are pursuing and the manner in which we pursue it, that really matters.

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The concept of wanting more really falls under three major categories: more for ourselves, more for others we know and more for the global community.

Think about the pursuit of more on a larger scale. More housing for the homeless. More support for veterans. More resources for teachers. More opportunities for students. All of these things take more time, more money, more focus, etc. And most importantly, they take people who are more dedicated, more passionate, more creative, more driven, more giving, and so on. The pursuit of more is truly a necessary means to achieving the things we want and need, but more on a global community scale can only be achieved when individuals are able to achieve more of themselves and those around them. Their great wealth gives them greater reach and greater influence to affect greater change.

So, here are the five parameters to pursue and attain more in a genuine and considerate manner, with the greater good in mind:

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1. Clarity

Establish a clear understanding of what you want more of, why you want more of it, and what you plan to do with the abundance of it. This clarity will add purpose to your efforts and will empower you to recognize what steps to take. It will help you avoid distractions, and it will help you identify the people with whom you can build relationships that will help you in your efforts.

2. Energy

There are two types of energy to consider. First, what physical energy, time and effort will your pursuit take? This will give you an honest assessment of the dedication it will take and if you are up for the task. Many of us excel at the ideas phase and stumble when it comes to execution. Second, what emotional energy will it take? Identify the best mindset and perspective necessary to achieve what you want. The right mindset will attract the necessary support and like-minded individuals to achieve your goals.

3. Courage

There is a distinct vulnerability to pursuing more of something, because you are identifying and admitting to something you need or want. True courage comes from putting yourself in position and then taking the steps necessary to achieve more. We achieve this level of courage the moment we choose to share this need or want with others. This is the point that it goes from an internal yearning to a tangible goal. And it is often the first necessary step to be accountable to both yourself and others. And when we apply clarity and the right energy, it becomes clear to whom we should have the courage to share our goals.

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4. Productivity

It is imperative that you have a plan. Without a clear plan, an idea has no bridge to cross the gap to execution. A plan gives you a roadmap, supports your clarity, energy and courage, identifies benchmarks and ensures you have the tools to be accountable to yourself and to assess if the steps you are taking and the effort you are investing are sufficient and worthwhile. While part of the purpose of the plan is tangible assessment, the other part comes from assessing whether or not you are working genuinely and authentically from the heart and receiving internal satisfaction, as well.

5. Influence

More of anything should be seen as an opportunity to be a positive influence to others. More time is an opportunity to pursue your passion, grow relationships, etc. More success is an opportunity to help others, lead, inspire, etc. But more of anything should ultimately be about the impact you can have on others. How will you use your more to influence the opportunities for yourself and others?

Using these five tools to evaluate your pursuit of what you want or need more of in life will keep you motivated, inspired and on track.

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