MultiVersus adds Fortnite characters LeBron James and Rick and Morty

MultiVersus, Warner Bros. Games’ Super Smash Bros.-like fighting video game, is adding real-life NBA player LeBron James and Rick and Morty from the cartoon Rick and Morty to its already crossover-laden roster. (This actually isn’t the first time LeBron and Rick and Morty have shown up in a big crossover game — they’ve also appeared in Fortnite.)

LeBron James will be playable in MultiVersus beginning July 26th, the same day the game will be available in open beta, and you can see him in action in his debut trailer. If you listen closely, you might be able to tell that LeBron isn’t actually voiced by LeBron — instead, he’s played by John Bentley, who also voices Barrett Wallace in Final Fantasy VII Remake. Rick and Morty will be added sometime during the game’s first season.

The rest of the roster is already packed, featuring WB characters like Bugs Bunny, Batman, Arya Stark, Wonder Woman, and the Iron Giant. You can see the whole lineup here. The game will be free to play and available on PlayStation, Xbox, and PC.

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