Sega’s Genesis Mini 2 launches in October with more power and more games

Sega has announced that it’s releasing a second edition of its Genesis Mini console in the US on October 27th. The company says this version is more powerful than the hardware released in 2019. It’ll ship with a batch of over 50 games, and this time, some of those will be Sega CD titles. (Yes, Sonic CD and Shining Force CD are among them.) The Genesis Mini 2 will be available exclusively through Amazon, where you can already place a preorder for $103.80. Amazon is also charging $21.99 for shipping; the high costs are because US buyers will be importing this from Sega of Japan.

The hardware design is now based on the Sega Genesis Model 2, and you’re getting the six-button gamepad instead of the three-button gamepad that came with the original. Sega’s list of titles announced so far includes arcade hits like OutRun, Virtua Racing, After Burner II, Super Hang-On, and more. You can take a look at the partial list here.

Sega says “a never-released bonus game has also been added” to the collection. In the box, you get the Genesis Mini 2 console, one wired controller, a USB power adapter, a power cord, and an HDMI cable. The new device is slightly more compact than its predecessor, according to Sega.

The company’s latest miniature console was already announced in Japan, so it only makes sense for the Genesis-branded version to come stateside. Sega did an excellent job with the first iteration — especially compared to the lackluster PlayStation Classic. Hopefully the Genesis Mini 2 will deliver a similarly great experience for gamers looking for a kick of nostalgia with some timeless Genesis classics.

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