Police Officer Gives Elderly Woman a Ride to Her Hair Appointment

Officer Lance Hoffmeister was on his routine patrol when he came across an old lady walking along a busy highway under the hot sun. To make matters worse, the old lady was using a walker.

He stopped to talk to her.

“I didn’t know if she wandered away or if she was lost that is why I wanted to check on her,” he told Inside Edition.

Why a Police Officer Stopped to Talk to an Elderly Woman

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Elizabeth Good told the officer she was on her way to an appointment for a perm.

When asked how she ended up on the side of the highway, the 84-year-old explained that the bus only took her so far — about a mile away from where she needed to be.

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Officer Hoffmeister insisted he drive her the rest of the way in the police car. “You do have to sit in the back, but I won’t handcuff you, okay?” you can hear Officer Hoffmeister joking on the video feed from the cruiser.

Helping and chatting with Good reminded the officer of his grandmother who passed away just a few years ago.

Obviously it is a good feeling. I have a special place in my heart for my seniors and it just made me feel good. I think that’s what the job is all about.

Officer Lance Hoffmeister to Inside Edition

The two introduced themselves as the officer helped her from the car to the hair salon.

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But it wasn’t the last time they would see each other. Officer Hoffmeister gave Good his number to call him when her hair appointment was over so he could give her a ride back home. He also asked her to reach out to him before future appointments, as he wanted to drive her.

This is what serving the community is all about.


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