My Rescue Dog Saved Me By Sniffing Out My Cancer

Lucy Giles and her rescue dog, Brody – SWNS

A woman said she owes her life to a rescue dog who sensed her breast cancer and wouldn’t keep its nose out of her right armpit.

Lucy Giles thought her beloved Brody was initially just craving some attention.

The 45-year-old had welcomed the gentle giant into her life a year ago, after her partner had spent six months in the hospital on life-support with the Covid virus.

When he returned home, and as part of his recovery, the pair decided to add to the family of pets that they love doting on.

They adopted Brody—whose Newfoundland breed is well-known for lifesaving due to their swimming abilities and intelligence—from a family who could no longer look after him.

Lucy, of Oxon, said he started to “sniff and nuzzle” at her right armpit.

“It was mostly when I was sat down, so either watching TV or sitting down for a rest and always in the same spot on my right side.”

“At first, I thought it was him wanting a bit of fuss and attention but I decided that I should perhaps take notice as it was just my right side he would do this.”

She examined herself and, sure enough, felt a lump there—and soon after was diagnosed with breast cancer.

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“It was the same day my nan had died from bowel cancer the year previously and I was with her when she died.”

Giles underwent six rounds of chemotherapy followed by a lumpectomy and radiotherapy afterwards.

She said she has a brilliant support network of family and friends who take her to appointments and help by “just being there”, along with Brody of course.

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“Perhaps he came into our lives for a reason.”

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