Mom Transformed Her Entire Kitchen for $235 After Learning DIY Tips From YouTube

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A mom transformed her entire kitchen for ($234) £200 after getting stuff for free off Facebook and learning DIY tips from YouTube.

37-year-old Nikki Coles started the project in lockdown and has been chipping away, job by job, in-between studying law and looking after her two children.

She has retiled the floor, re-covered the work tops, repainted the cupboards, painted the walls, and fitted new wall tiles.

The soon-to-be graduate, who is also a self-employed babysitter, completed all the work herself after watching countless DIY YouTube videos.

Not only did Niki not employ any help, she also completed her entire kitchen makeover for less than $300.

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She got stuff for free off Facebook, shopped in furniture thrift stores, and bought from cheap retailers like Poundland—which is the British equivalent of a U.S. dollar store.

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“The tiles themselves were actually a bargain find from Poundland,” Nikki, who is from Colchester in Essex, England said.

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“The worktops are done in an oak finish which I purchased online and all the little pretty bits are just bits I brought in that reflect my style.

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“It kind of started with a little bit of tweaking here and there, and then I really got the bug —I’ve managed to transform my whole home on a tight budget.

Nikki says she has just one more bathroom to redecorate before she has transformed her entire home.

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“My son was like ‘oh my God Mom you need to start a TikTok’ but I’m not to sure about that just yet!,” she said.

“It just goes to show what you can do even as a busy mom on a budget—and If I can inspire other mums in any way, shape or form then I’m happy.”

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