McDonald’s Owner Closes for Renovations – But Keeps Paying All Employees For 3 Months

Courtesy of Tony Philiou (center)

A 90-year-old owner of multiple McDonald’s franchises has done an extraordinary good deed for his employees, who were at risk of losing their livelihoods.

When news broke that Tony Philiou was set to close, remodel, and rebuild a brand-new restaurant in Mayfield Heights, Ohio, there was obvious concern among workers.

But, the staff had nothing to worry about.

Philiou flipped his first burger as an employee at this exact location 60 years ago; now he’s the boss who chose to continue paying all 90 employees, even though they would not be able to work for him during renovations.

“I have people here that make a living here and go from week-to-week pay,” he told WKYC News. “How can I tolerate for them to not have a paycheck?”

“You’re going to sit home. You’re going to get paid,” said Philiou, recalling his words in the speech he delivered to workers.

Courtesy Tony Philiou (pictured with his wife) / McDonald’s

“Employees were floored,” the store’s General Manager Ed Kocsis told the Washington Post.

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