Imperial Moth Spotted With Name ‘Anna’ Spelled Out on its Back Below a Face


Put this in your file called, Mother Nature Did WHAT?

A 25-year-old woman was stunned to spot a face and the name ‘Anna’ appearing on a moth’s back.

Reagan Lewallen did a double-take when she let her friend’s dog out into the yard while house-sitting and spotted the huge five-inch imperial moth sunning itself last Sunday.

She noticed yellow markings on its brown back that perfectly spelled out ‘Anna’ underneath an eerie-looking face.

Reagan said she got goosebumps when she spotted the face and name on the bug’s back, whipping out her phone to take a picture.

She sent it to her mom who said she could see a little girl with pigtails.

Reagan is convinced that the spooky sight is a sign from a spirit called Anna reassuring people that she’s ok in the afterlife.

After sharing the picture on social media, the post racked up thousands of shares and comments.

People began tagging friends named Anna and commenting about the face’s resemblance to famous people like Charles Manson, Jimi Hendrix, Bob Marley, and Jesus.

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The natural design of any imperial moth (Eacles imperialis) makes it somewhat easy to see a face in many of them, but the well-proportioned letters, ANNA, are more remarkable.

Reagan, who lives in Senoia, Georgia, says, “I’m the kind of person that if I see a cool bug, a cool tree or the sky looks pretty I’ll stop and take a picture.”

“I’ve seen this kind of moth before but nothing like that, nothing with a face on it and a name.

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“Just the fact that it was spelled out so perfectly, I was like ‘oh my goodness I’ve never seen anything so crazy’, I got goosebumps.”

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