Guy Returns Lost Ring to Honeymoon Couple With LEGO Metal Detector Toy


A metal detectorist who found a newlywed’s wedding ring on a beach surprised them, by sending a picture of it being held by a LEGO man.

44-year-old groom Richard Whetter and his bride Anne arrived on the island of Jersey for their honeymoon last month.

But Richard lost his wedding ring during a romantic stroll in Portelet Bay two days later.

He says he took off his ring to go swimming, and put it by his shoe. Unfortunately, as a newlywed he wasn’t used to owning such an item—and forgot to put it back on. It was only when he got back to the car that he realized it was missing.

The couple traveled back to their hotel and told a porter who immediately contacted local metal detectorist Steve Andrews. Still, they thought the ring had been lost forever.

For Steve, it took only ten minutes to find the lost item.


Steve marks his finds with a special picture of a LEGO man. In fact, it’s a mini-replica of himself—complete with matching clothes and a little metal detector.

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He never charges for his work. “The thing I enjoy most about detecting is re-uniting people with their items,” he says. “I was delighted to find the ring; it was one of the quickest I’ve ever completed.”

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“The LEGO man is just a nice thing to send to people. I find their item and take a photo as a sort of ‘I’ve found it!’ I got it as a jokey present from my sister, and it just stuck.”

Richard, who lives in Bristol, said, “I’m really grateful for Steve. What could have been an absolute disaster turned into a valuable lesson learnt—with an amusing edge”.

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