4 Tips For Building a Treehouse

4 Tips For Building a Treehouse

If you’re like many other parents in today’s digital age, chances are you’re exhausted seeing your kids spend so much time in front of a screen. While things like ipads and the TV can be convenient for parents looking to get a little work done around the house, the truth is they are killing the imagination of the younger generation. No longer are kids spending as much time outdoors, or creating imaginary worlds with their toys. They’re screen zombies!

Don’t lose all hope parents.  Just because your kids have built a dependency on screens doesn’t mean it’s an addiction you can’t kick. Encouraging your kids to play outdoors is one of the best places to start. And what better way to encourage them to go outside than to build a treehouse? If you’re ready to embark on building a tree house of your very own, here are some of the best tips to get started.

Use Durable Materials

Before you get started you want to make sure that you load up on durable materials that are weather resistant. Remember, a tree house is going to withstand all sorts of different conditions, from high winds to rain to potentially even snow. Not to mention the warmer months when the sun can take its toll on your tree house too. You want to buy wood that will provide longevity and security. The last thing you want is one of your children stepping into the treehouse and the wood giving way.  A trip to the hospital for a broken arm or concussion is not part of the plan!

Choose The Right Tree

When choosing the tree that you want to build your treehouse in, it’s important that you make the right decision.  You want a sturdy tree that has a strong trunk and plenty of solid branches that won’t risk breaking.

The bigger your treehouse is, the bigger your tree should be. Since there will be children going inside the treehouse, it’s advised to consult with a tree expert who can guide you on whether the tree is a good choice to put a significant amount of weight on.

Plan Your Design Carefully

Before you get started you want to make sure that you have a well-crafted design that includes everything from size, height and included features. If you’ve never done much building before, then you probably want to enlist the help of someone who has. Otherwise, there are plenty of tutorials and instructions online that can help guide you in creating a plan.

Insulate Your Treehouse

Ideally, your treehouse should be insulated to protect it from moisture, heat, and cold. If too much moisture builds up you could potentially damage your tree house and anything inside of it. Not only will you prolong the life of your treehouse by insulating it, but you’ll also ensure maximum comfort when your kids are playing inside.

These are just a few tips for getting started on building a treehouse. Ultimately, it’s a wonderful project that can provide plenty of cherished memories for you and your children!

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