Why Tom Holland Quit Instagram For Mental Health

Coming off of the highest-grossing film of 2021, Spiderman: No-Way Home, Tom Holland has been taking a much-deserved break from social media.

In between promotion for his blockbuster hits, Holland typically shares behind-the-scenes videos of his workouts, heartwarming tributes to his girlfriend Zendaya, and adorable photos of his dog Tessa.

But for the last few weeks, he has been completely absent from our social media feeds.

In his first post since early July on his @tomholland2013 account, the star made a brief return to Instagram to share how social media has impacted his well-being and highlight Stem4, a UK-based organization that supports mental health.

Why Tom Holland Deleted Social Media

Holland explained how apps like Instagram and Twitter have made him feel overwhelmed and overstimulated.

“I get caught up and I spiral when I read things about me online,” Holland says. “Ultimately, it’s very detrimental to my mental state.”

It’s easy to understand why, with over 67 million Instagram followers and 7 million Twitter followers, every moment Holland shares is put under a microscope. Every public move is documented for the world to see, and the world seems to have an opinion on all of it.

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And while he’s attempted to keep his relationship with his Spiderman co-star Zendaya relatively private, it hasn’t always been easy. Breakup rumors seem to swirl around the couple almost monthly.

Despite all of the attention, Holland has been able to maintain a remarkably positive image – his biggest controversy seems to be his endearing habit of accidentally spoiling Marvel movies.

However, Holland’s words remind us that even our favorite superheroes sometimes need a break from the spotlight.

The Dangers of Social Media

Tom Holland of Superman wearing a blue sweater and waving to the audience.

Although the rest of us don’t face the same kind of pressures as one of Hollywood’s brightest young stars, we can easily relate to the feeling of being overwhelmed by the online world.

From doomscrolling through Twitter feeds, to reading negative comments left on Instagram posts, we often close social media apps feeling worse than when we opened them.

Social media can cause us to compare ourselves to others in a negative way, leaving us with insecurities that we didn’t even know we had. It leads us to criticize the worst parts of our own lives as we consume the highlights of everyone else’s.

Regardless, it’s easy to become addicted to social media. We can find ourselves feeling an intense fear of missing out on the latest news stories or fashion trends. While keeping up with social media can be draining, we’re equally anxious about being left behind. We don’t want to be left out of the conversations that everyone else seems to be having.

And while we’re often desperate to share our opinions, this often comes with consequences.

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Cancel culture has become rampant on the internet. No matter what opinion you have, there will be someone out there with an opposing view who is convinced that your differing opinion makes you a bad person.

While there are certainly times when people need to be held accountable for their actions, there are also times when split-second judgments can have detrimental effects on people’s reputations.

All of this can leave us wondering why we don’t log out of our social media accounts permanently.

But while social media certainly has its negatives, it’s not all bad.

How Tom Holland Uses His Platform for Good

Tom Holland’s ongoing hiatus has reminded us of the dark side of social media, but his brief return has also demonstrated its benefits when used for a good cause. While he might only be Spider-man on our screens, he’s just as heroic in real life.

In his post, he used his large platform to uplift Stem4, a mental health charity based in the UK. Stem4’s educational apps are designed to help young people to get help with their mental health right from their phones. Its apps are designed to provide accessible support for issues like anxiety and self-harm.

Holland’s charity, The Brothers Trust, is working alongside the organization to help reduce the stigma that people with mental health issues often face when seeking help.

While Holland’s millions of followers can be a spotlight on the most intimate areas of his life, he’s proven that he’s happy to share that spotlight to help those who need it the most.

Ultimately, Tom Holland’s ongoing hiatus has demonstrated the dark side of social media, but his brief return reminded us of its benefits when used for a good cause.

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Using social media can be a vehicle for connecting with others and creating positive change in the world. But it’s important to use it in small doses, and take breaks when feeling overwhelmed.

Tom Holland reminds us of the importance of staying grounded in the person we truly are – regardless of how the rest of the world sees us.

The best moments of our lives are happening right in front of us (as long as we can put down our phones long enough to see them).


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