What went right: the ‘live-and-let-live’ UK, plus more positive news

A ‘life-and-let-live’ attitude prevails in the UK – report

The divisive debate playing out in Westminster and online around gender identity is out of sync with the public’s approach to the issue. 

That’s according to a report by the More in Common thinktank. It surveyed 5,000 adults and found that a ‘live and let live’ attitude prevailed.

According to the research, just two per cent of people believe the trans debate – a subject amplified by the culture wars – is one of the most important issues facing the UK. A quarter knew someone who is transgender. And more people agreed (46 per cent) than disagreed (32 per cent) that a trans man is a man and a trans woman a woman.

Despite a picture of tolerance, most participants (57 per cent) said trans women should not be allowed to compete in women-only sporting events. Focus groups found that the public see this as an issue of fairness. 

“From the toxic debate playing out across social media you’d assume the country is split into trans activists and transphobes,” said More in Common director Luke Tryl. “Instead, most Britons take a nuanced, compassionate approach, that is rooted in society doing what it can to make trans people feel accepted and comfortable, but which also balances inclusion with fairness.”

Image: Dave George

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