Verizon’s cheapest unlimited plan will soon include some mobile hotspot data

Verizon is tossing a nice upgrade to subscribers of its lower-cost 5G Start unlimited plan: beginning June 16th, the plan will include 5GB of premium mobile hotspot data at no extra cost. Right now, the plan doesn’t offer hotspot data at all, and it’s the only Verizon unlimited plan to not have it. Verizon spokesperson Ashley Colette tells The Verge it will be added automatically, meaning 5G Start subscribers shouldn’t have to make any changes on their end to use the data.

You can check out all of Verizon’s unlimited plans on the company’s website. 5G Start is the most affordable at $35 per line for four lines, but you have to also sign up for paper-free billing and auto pay to get that rate. (If you have just one line, the plan costs $70 per month with paper-free billing and auto pay.)

Verizon refreshed its unlimited plans earlier this year. If you’re interested in 5G Start, you should be aware that its Verizon’s only unlimited plan that doesn’t include access to the company’s faster Ultra Wideband network. If you want to take advantage of that, you’re going to have to pay for a more expensive plan.

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