Use These 1930s Acronyms to Sext Like a WWII Soldier

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Sexting, in its strictest sense, is a recent development; a saucy accessory to the advent of instant messaging. But sending naughty messages to your boo is not as new as you might think. According to historians, couples were sending racy messages to each other as far back as World War II.

During the war, a time of much letter-writing among lovers disconnected by geography and circumstance, certain coded acronyms were developed to evade the detection of censors who monitored soldiers’ correspondence for any potential disclosure of military secrets (likely also because their racy messages would be too embarrassing to say point blank).

Without further ado, here are the acronyms—from endearingly mild and cheesy to downright bawdy—you need to add to your sexting arsenal, courtesy of the 1930s and 1940s (aka, your grandparents). Ew. Let’s try not to think about that.

FRANCE: Friendship Remains And Never Can End (Who knew France was so earnest?)

ITALY: I Trust And Love You (Especially when you remember to get milk at Costco.)

OOLAAKOEW: Oceans Of Love And A Kiss On Every Wave (Huh? Are we swimming now? Maybe just write this one out.)

HOLLAND: Hope Our Love Lasts And Never Dies (It’s giving seventh grade, we-met-at-camp vibes.)

SWALK: Sealed With A Loving Kiss. (And see you at the Sadie Hawkins sock hop.)

MALAYA: My Ardent Lips Await Your Arrival (OK, now we’re getting somewhere, albeit politely.)

BURMA: Be Upstairs and Ready Upon My Arrival. Alternate version: Be Undressed and Ready My Angel. (Hey now.)

VENICE: Very Excited Now I Caress Everywhere (OK, Siri. If you say so.)

NORWICH: (k)Nickers Off Ready When I Come Home (Ahem.)

CHINA: Come Home I’m Naked Already (Getting spicy!)

EGYPT: Ever Give You Pleasant Thoughts (If you ask the BBC.) Eager to Grab Your Pretty Tits (If you’re nasty.)

ENGLAND: Every Naked Girl Loves A Naked D*ck (Alrighty then, I’ll see myself out.)

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