Try Fostering Better Relationships Between Your Business and Workers With This Employee Engagement Platform

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Written by Jason Kobely


Savvy managers and business owners often see the future before it happens. If the aftermath of Covid-19 shutdowns and the ensuing Great Resignation taught us anything, it’s that workers feel stressed out, overworked, unappreciated, and generally ready to toss their current employers aside if a better situation comes along. As recently as last March, almost half the workforce considered themselves active job seekers.

Active business leaders looking to avoid an employee pool of disengaged, unenthusiastic workers already see the path forward: creating a better, smarter, more efficient system for addressing feelings of disconnection and disinterest from their workers.

That’s why enlisting the services of a cutting-edge employee engagement software platform like Motivosity could be a critical step in creating that better workplace of the future. Backed by an over-95 percent engagement rate and employee satisfaction increases of more than 50 percent, Motivosity gets results. It helps craft opportunities for both employees and management to make their voices heard on everything from company performance and processes to general workplace culture.

The Motivosity platform promotes gratitude and connectedness to improve company culture, and with their four unique products businesses are improving communication across organizations, whether they’re medium-sized businesses with several hundred employees or smaller ones with remote-only workers. Motivosity fosters gratitude and positivity in the workplace.

Through their easy-to-navigate interface, Motivosity uses their Connect product as the backbone to bringing employees together. Think of it as your company’s own social media site, encouraging employees to post about themselves, provide personality profiles, and express their passions and hobbies. Meanwhile, those workers can engage with peers, connect more through shared interests and even post highlights or publicly shoutout peers for a job well done.

Recognition is at the core of driving positive culture and Motivosity’s Recognize product provides the boost to see results. Recognize unlocks on the power of peer to peer appreciations by providing employees a platform to give thanks with small monetary bonuses attached. Motivosity users are giving thanks $1 at a time generating a cycle of gratitude for the giver, receiver, and the observer. Managers and admins also benefit from an easy award platform to recognize milestones, birthdays, and customizable awards. The dollars act as an influence currency to drive sustainable engagement which in turn makes gratitude and positivity a core element of company culture. These dollars accrue for users to be instantly redeemable through the ThanksMatters card or choose from hundreds of gift card options.

With the Lead product, companies can foster better communication between employees and managers. Here, a worker and their supervisor can connect on specific projects, set transparent priorities, and generate historic views to measure accomplishments, everyone is in the loop at all times. Lead also facilitates regular one-on-one meetings between a manager and their team members, with the opportunity to set up positive coaching experiences and hopefully create a closer relationship between each worker and their boss.

Finally, the Listen product offers a safe, productive means for everyone in an organization to make their feelings known about the state of the company. Utilizing tools like pulse surveys and turnover data, leaders gain a sense of employee sentiment. Through these advanced techniques, managers know when workers are unhappy or unmotivated and can work to retain their best people by addressing the issues that matter most.

Motivosity’s unique approach to building company culture is getting noticed, including its inclusion on G2’s list of the Top 50 Best HR Software Platforms for 2022. Right now, businesses can check out Motivosity’s wealth of company-building tools for themselves with a free demo.

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