This Intuitive Tool Helps You Control the Internet

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Entrepreneurs are always looking to improve efficiency. From mindset hacks to productivity hacks to helpful technology, it’s imperative in a competitive marketplace to find ways to save time and money.


You can apply that mindset to your digital life, too. With so many things constantly vying for your attention and distracting you online, it can be easy to get sidetracked or overwhelmed online. Sometimes, you need a little help getting focused, and that’s where Control D comes in.

Control D is an intuitive, one-touch solution to help you take back control over your digital life, improve your productivity, and boost your performance. It has earned a perfect 5-star rating on Product Hunt for its extensive capabilities.

With Control D, you can browse faster, enhance security, block ads, and much more with just the press of a button. The app allows you to create and enforce a productivity schedule that blocks the stuff you don’t want to see when you don’t want to see it so you can stay on task while enjoying an internet that really supports you.

Control D lets you create unique browsing profiles for everyone in your family, with support for up to ten devices. That way, everyone can use the internet appropriately since you can set rules to help your kids navigate safely.

With this special deal on Control D, you’ll get unlimited usage, support for 15 blocking categories, 10,000 custom rules, and the ability to block more than 400 services and unblock more than 200 others. With that kind of hands-on power, you can truly customize your digital life to support you rather than hinder you.

Stay on task online. Right now, you can get a two-year subscription to Control D for 37% off $48 at just $30 for a limited time.

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