There is currently no way to finish Star Wars: KOTOR II on the Switch

Plenty of games have launched in an unfinished state, but it’s rare to see a port of a game first released in 2004 be so buggy that people who buy it can’t actually finish it. On Twitter game developer Aspyr admitted it was aware that Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic II was currently impossible to finish when played on the Switch.

Aspyr’s bread and butter is porting beloved games so you would think it would know better than to ship something so busted. KOTOR II launched on the Nintendo Switch June 8, 2022, and as fans have picked it up and begun to play they noted a bug made it impossible to get past a cut scene about midway through the game.

As first seen by Kotaku, one fan replied to Aspyr’s official Twitter account asking if the company knew the game was unbeatable in its current form, and Aspyr promptly replied that it knew the game was busted and was working on a fix.

Given the original KOTOR II was buggy when it arrived on the Xbox and then the PC more than 17 years ago it’s not exactly a surprise this port is buggy too. But it’s a pretty rookie mistake to ship a port so buggy players can’t even finish the game. And while it’s nice to know a fix is on the way, there’s no actual timeline on when that is.

If you picked up KOTOR II recently on the Switch I’d suggest slowing waaaaay down. You don’t want to hit the point where you land on Onderon. You’ll be stuck there a while.

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