The Fastest Ways to Convert Those Annoying WebP Images

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WebP is Google’s version of a modern, versatile image format, meant to replace the likes of PNG and JPEG. However, all it’s managed to do in the last several years is be a mild annoyance. It’s great when websites use it to display images—the format handles compression well—but it’s a hassle for people who want to download and use the image. If you’ve ever downloaded an image, only to be scratching your head with the .webp extension at the end, you know the pain. There’s an answer though, and weirdly enough your best bet is to use a Chrome extension.

Download WebP images as PNGs

It’s best to solve the problem at the source, and the Save Image as PNG Chrome extension does just that. Once installed, right-click any WebP image in Chrome or Chromium-based browsers and choose the “Save Image as PNG” option. The extension will convert and save the image as a PNG. It’ll result in a substantially larger image file, but it’s probably worth it for a file format you can use everywhere.

Convert WebP images on Windows

If you use a Windows PC, you won’t need to download a third-party app to convert WebP images. The trusty ol’ Paint app will do the trick. Open the WebP file in the Paint app, then go to File > Save As. Here, you can choose the “PNG Picture” or “JPEG Picture” option based on your needs. Then choose the destination folder and you’re done.

Convert WebP images on Mac

Similarly, the built-in Preview app will help you open and convert WebP images. Open the image in Preview and go to File > Export. In the Export menu, click the drop-down next to the Format option, and choose “JPEG” or “PNG.” Choose the destination folder, and clickSave to convert the image.

If you’re using the latest version of macOS, you can use the Quick Actions feature in Finder to quickly convert one or multiple WebP images. Go to Finder and choose the images, right-click them, and go to Quick Actions > Convert Image. Choose the format and size, and then clickConvert to JPEG.” The new file will be saved in the same directory.

Convert WebP images online

If you want to convert WebP files in the browser itself, you’re spoiled for options. You can use a website like Cloud Convert, which will let you convert five WebP images to JPEG at a time.


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