The Fastest Growing Entry-Level Jobs, According to LinkedIn

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Whether you just graduated or are looking to break into a new field, landing an entry-level job can be key. LinkedIn just released a list of the fastest growing ones, so if you are looking for the areas with some expansion going on, consider these.

The fastest growing entry-level jobs

These, per LinkedIn’s Economic Graph, were 2021’s fastest growing entry-level jobs by a year-over-year measurement. LinkedIn said it compiled this data by looking at individuals with fewer than four years of full-time work experience who have worked fewer than three full-time jobs.

  • Sales development representative (up 191.7% year over year)
  • Business development representative (178.1%)
  • Talent acquisition specialist (175.1%)
  • Marketing coordinator (55.3%)
  • Data analyst (42.6%)
  • Financial analyst (36.9%)
  • Legal assistant (32.1%)
  • Inside sales representative (31.4%)
  • Operational specialist (30.1%)
  • Barista (25%)

Some of these—like barista—are easy to understand. Others—like operational specialist—are more vague. Per Glassdoor, an operational specialist is “responsible for the management of workflow throughout all departments within a business. The purpose of this position is to optimize daily activities and performance of the business across the board. Depending on the industry, an operations specialist may progress to a supervisory, managerial or an analyst position but will often need a bachelor’s degree to do so.”

LinkedIn lays out the skills needed for each job (and what the jobs pay) here, so you can get a better sense of which of these you are qualified for.

Fastest growing industries for entry-level talent

The industries that are growing the fastest when it comes to entry-level talent are these:

  • Staffing and recruiting (up 50% year over year)
  • Hospitality (31.9%)
  • Healthcare and biotech (22.8%)
  • Legal services (19.5%)
  • Tech and IT (17.7%)

Those fields are diverse and have a variety of opportunities within them. For instance, in staffing and recruiting, per LinkedIn, the top jobs are healthcare recruiter, talent acquisition specialist, and account manager. Depending on your skills are and what industry you’re trying to break into, there may be an area of growth for you to capitalize on.


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