Tesla’s China Factory Reaches 1 Million Car Mark

Tesla has reached another million-mark milestone.

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Over the weekend, Tesla’s gigafactory located in Shanghai, China produced its millionth car, bringing the grand total of all Tesla’s made worldwide to more than 3 million.

CEO and founder Elon Musk celebrated the news on Twitter alongside a photo of the car and the workers who made it happen.

The news follows last month’s milestone for Tesla when the company’s Freemont, California factory produced its two-millionth car.

It’s a big step for Tesla, which has faced unprecedented delays in vehicle production due to pandemic-related supply chain disruptions among other issues.

Giga Shanghai has faced its own set of unique problems over the last few years, including closures due to China’s strict COVID lockdown policies, which at one point closed for 22 days straight. Earlier this summer, the company introduced a “closed loop” system in Shanghai where workers were sleeping inside the factory in an attempt to ramp up production while minimizing travel. That initiative ended in June.

Giga Shanghai broke ground in 2018 and officially opened at the end of 2019, marking Tesla’s first international factory at the time.

Though Tesla and Musk have not publicly declared where and if the company will open another gigafactory, rumors have swirled that all eyes are on Canada as the company presumably plans to expand production.

Tesla was up over 35% year over year as of Monday morning.

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