Teen Hailed as ‘Hero of Ukraine’ For Using His Drone to Pinpoint Russian Convoy Headed Toward Capital

Courtesy the Pokrasa family

A teenager used his very own drone to spot a Russian convoy approaching his town, providing real-time positional information which allowed Ukrainian artillery to destroy it.

Quietly being hailed as a Hero of Ukraine, Andrii Pokrasa is just one of over a thousand civilian drone operators that are aiding in their country’s defense with everyday drones.

We know of drones through their myriad of different uses. One thing that many don’t realize is how much they’ve decentralized what were once cost-prohibitive activates, such as cinematography, news reporting, and even military operations in countries where the money to afford such activities is rarely available.

The Federation of Drone Owners of Ukraine has worked from day one alongside the military, while also encouraging hundreds of their members to conduct reconnaissance missions.

15-year-old Pokrasa’s intervention, confirmed to Global News Canada by a military officer and his parents, was the main reason the Russian military convoy didn’t overrun his town.

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“He was the only one who was experienced with drones in that region,” explained the commander of the armed forces unmanned reconnaissance section, Yurii Kasjanov. “He’s a real hero, a hero of Ukraine.”

After confirming the convoy’s position, Andrii passed the information to his father, who in turn sent it to Ukrainian military over a social media channel, which resulted in the convoy’s destruction.

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Pokrasa, who has a dreadful fear of heights, became interested in drones after watching a YouTube video filmed above the skyline of Kyiv.

In a truly 21st-century story, he used the money that he and his father had saved up buying and selling cryptocurrency to afford the drone, which, costing a few hundred dollars, was used to turn a multi-million dollar military invasion force into disorganized, smoldering rubble on the roadside.

(WATCH the Global News Canada video for this story below.)

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