Stuff Marshmallows With Chocolate Chips for Easier S’mores

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I like doing outdoor things—fishing, hunting, laying on the beach—but I’m not a big camper. (I only camp because elk don’t tend to hang out around hotels.) When it comes to s’mores (a famous camping snack), I prefer to make them indoors. Broiler s’mores come out perfect every time—the marshmallow gets browned, not burnt; the chocolate fully melts; and you don’t have to deal with any smelly smoke. But I realize that other people like to camp “for fun,” and that part of that fun involves making s’mores over a camp fire. Those people should stuff their marshmallows with chocolate chips.

This idea is one of many from The Kitchn’s recent recipe for Ritzy S’mores Skewers. It’s a bold recipe, with many riffs. Ritz crackers replace graham, peanut butter is smeared on the crackers, a banana gets involved, and—as I’ve already mentioned—the marshmallows are stuffed with chocolate chips.

It all sounds chaotic and delicious, but the marshmallow stuffing is inspired. It solves the whole chocolate-melting issue—the chocolate gets heated with the marshmallow—which is the main issue one encounters when making s’mores. It’s a pretty easy maneuver: Make a hole in the marshmallow and put little bits of chocolate in the hole, but I’ll drop The Kitchn’s instructions here for good measure:

Starting on a flat end, insert the skewer through a marshmallow and twist a few times to widen the hole a little bit before removing the skewer. Insert 2 to 4 chocolate chips into the hole, as many as can fit; you can put them in either end of the marshmallow and really push them in there.

After you’ve really—and I mean really—pushed them in there, you’re ready to roast and toast the usual way. Could you broil a chocolate stuffed marshmallow? I don’t see why not. It’s a good hack, no matter where you cook your s’mores.


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