Student Makes Incredible Origami Statue From a Single Sheet of Paper – Watch the Time-lapse Video


This amazing time-lapse video shows a student creating a five-foot-nine high statue from a single piece of paper.

Chris Conrad took around 65 hours to design and then fold the ‘dragon tamer’ figure out of a 19-foot square piece of paper.

The 22-year-old works as a researcher for political consults, but his passion is easy to ‘be-fold.’ He spends an average of 20 hours a week on his origami projects.

“Just making the 19-foot square to start with was exhausting!” said the precision folder from New York. “That was six hours for me.”

“Every part of the project took longer and was more physically taxing than I anticipated. That said, I think the most challenging part was right at the end because the model was so heavy, I had to stand it up using a lamp.”

The skills Chris demonstrated in making the piece he picked up over the last few years.

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“I’ve been doing origami since I was in middle school – so around 12 years, which may seem like a while, but I only started folding super-complex origami in May 2020, and only started designing my own models in December 2020.”

He says he is happy with his current job in research, but definitely wants to make moves towards doing art full time.

“I’m hoping to spend a lot more time in the remainder of 2022 refining my skills as a designer and start submitting work to galleries in the next year.”

Chris Conrad origami / SWNS

“I think there’s something intensely satisfying about how tactile origami is—everything is done with your hands…you have a physical finished product to point to and think to yourself ‘I made that.’”

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See Chris in action below…

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