Self-Destruction is Your Patriotic Duty

Dylan Charles, Editor
Waking Times

As a watcher of the matrix for close to two decades, the deeper intent of the non-stop media fear/stupidity/conformity blitz and the attack on the individual is really coming into full focus.

Back in the day it never occurred to me that the entire agenda being shoved down our throats was so dependent on the individual’s unconscious drive to destroy themselves, but it’s as clear as a crisp morning dew to me now.

They NEED you to bench yourself. They NEED you to their dirty work for them. They NEED you wallow in confusion, uncertainty, and indecision. They NEED you to seek escape in whatever rabbit holes you can find. They need you to feel anxious, empty, lost, alone, and depleted. They NEED you to destroy yourself.

I wrote an article a while back on that demon Zbigniev Brezynksi, who’s now transferred over to the realm of the damned. In it I revisited his classic comment about controlling and killing people. It tells you everything you need to know about the mindset of the ghouls and reptiles haunting the halls of the institutions we’ve been told are here to save us.

“In early times, it was easier to control a million people than to kill a million. Today, it is infinitely easier to to kill a million people than to control a million.” ~Zbigniev Brezynksi

I made the point that killing a million people was child’s play today. That the big ballers had since 10x’d their ambitions. That the stakes and the ante had risen exponentially, and that in order to achieve the moonshot they’re going for, they need now to control a billion people, while they figured out how to kill a billion people. Or five.

Surely even the most committed bootlickers can see it by now.

And that’s the thing, there are a lot of bootlickers out there. Way more than you’d think there would be, given that the national story is all about resisting taxes and tyranny. To the death.

But the bootlickers aren’t guided by some deep personal philosophy that exalts the virtues of obedience and acquiescence. They don’t stand firmly on the conviction that blind allegiance is the righteous man’s path to security and longevity.

It’s really about cognitive dissonance. We’re bred to believe that individuality and resistance are honorable, but chided for anything less than conformity and submission.

To corral people into such a moral chasm said people must be conditioned to devalue their own lives and forfeit their personal power in this world. And with so many people in this world, the conditioning has to be scalable. And the best means of scaling such conditioning is to base it on the simple principle of self-inflicted diminishment.

When you kneecap yourself, they don’t have to it.

So, how do you condition people to destroy themselves, and why is it such an international priority?

Primarily by controlling a person’s choices and options by engineering their environment. Like lab rats in social experiments. Create for them a cage or a maze. Of the matrix, as I like to call it. Insert a system of rewards and punishments. Tweak their available content, and the quality and quantity of their food and drink. Observe their reactions and performance. Should they go crazy and eat each other, dump their carcasses in the trash and start over, tweaking the variables over and again until the desired outcome is achieved, whatever that may be.

In our case, as humans in a geopolitical/financial/scientifically materialistic rat maze, the desired result is to create a population of distracted short-term thinkers, who continually and unconsciously seek instant gratification. Trin them to adopt the habits, patterns of thought, and addictions to substances which contribute to the decay of their mental, physical, and spiritual health, and drive them into an expensive system of dependency where they spend the bulk of the fruits of their labors on things that only deepen their addiction and dependence to that which enslaves them.

Whew, that was a mouthful.

  • Here’s a great example that I’m sure you’ve seen in the ‘news’ recently. The Japanese government is now encouraging young people to drink alcohol, ostensibly because the tax revenue generated by the alcohol industry is in sever decline, and the industry itself ain’t doing so well financially.

    So, naturally, the government solution is to encourage people, young people, to consume more of an addictive, self-destructive substance for the supposed economic benefit. As if that makes sense. And while it may very well destroy their potential, their relationships, their families, their careers, or kill people on the highways, none of that factors in against the need for revenue.

    The needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few, right?

    It’s your patriotic duty to destroy yourself.

    I talk about these issues more and more often these days because I want you to know that even though you are awake, that even though you know what’s in the rabbit holes and what’s coming down the pike, and even though you’re making an effort to live outside of the system in thought and deed, you’re still in the rat cage.

    Your options are still engineered, and the most self-destructive ideas, beliefs, activities, and substances are still widely available, socially acceptable, pushed on you by corporations and your peers, and are constantly burrowing their way into your unconscious decision making faculties.

    This is why no matter how spiritually aware you, no matter how much you know what living a clean and purposeful life means to you, no matter how much you desire to control your diet, no matter how much you revere your sobriety (both chemical and emotional sobriety), you’re still operating in a dense maze of subconscious mind control programming.

    Again, in this environment, destroying yourself is your patriotic duty.

    And from the top down. From the white house to the whore house. From the temple to the tent city. From the bank to the bar. From the farm to the pharmacy, everyone around you is being coaxed and conditioned into believing that self-destruction is the way roll around here, and that weakness is a fact of life.

    In my coaching work I help people to recognize the emotional chaos this introduces in their lives, and how that leads to self-sabotage. I assist them in bringing their awareness to how the typical, unconscious responses to said chaos only exacerbate the frustration, emptiness and struggle in their lives. I steer them toward the profound realization that there is another way. If you’d like to find out how I may be able to assist you, book a free 15-minute call with me, here.

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