Sam the Lamb is Nursed Through an Incredible Recovery After Falling off Highway Truck

Constable Sam the Lamb – SWNS

A newborn lamb has been documented making an incredible recovery after falling off a speeding truck in Australia.

The youngster, named Constable Sam, fell through a gap in a vehicle travelling along a busy highway in Victoria, Australia on March 14.

The lamb, who was born the very day of his accident, broke both of his front legs in two places and suffered a fractured skull and a critical injury to one eye as a result of his fall.

Highway officials rushed him to farm sanctuary Edgar’s Mission after finding him injured on the side of the road.

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Volunteers at the non-profit site performed surgery on his skull and legs and cleaned his wounds in the hope of keeping the lamb alive. Afterwards, it was a matter of feeding the little survivor and getting him to trust his hooves again. The house cats were there for support.

Three months following his harrowing fall, Constable Sam has made an incredible recovery and was recently adopted out to a forever home with two of his friends.

“His fractured skull is fractured no more and his once critically injured left eye appears to have not lost its sight,” said Edgar’s Mission in a statement. “His wobbly legs are now strong and infused with a sense of victory and his wagging tail is unable to conceal his joy for the newfound and splint-free mobility that is now his.”

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