Reach Your Audience More Meaningfully With Transit DOOH

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Conventional forms of advertising — print, radio and television — are no longer the most effective channels of communication. Historically, mass advertising supposedly worked, perhaps because we didn’t know any better. But in this digital age, personalization and targeting are the only things that matter. They are also the key pillars used to determine the success of any marketing campaign.

That said, conventional channels do hold their merits, and that’s why marketers around the world are increasingly merging their learnings from online advertising with traditional media channels to produce a hybrid model. One successful example of that can be seen in the evolution of out-of-home (OOH) advertising, where owing largely to technological advancements, its digital format (DOOH) can now be used to send out more relevant messages on relevant occasions. The next step within the digitization of OOH is what the world has been talking about frequently these days: transit DOOH.

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