Postal Worker Rescues Woman Who Was Stuck in Her Bathtub for 5 Days

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Many elderly people who live alone have key parts of their daily routines, like the stairs, bathtubs, and parts of their bedroom, revamped to become accessible once they lose a certain amount of mobility and flexibility.

The challenges that come with growing older and losing independence can be scary for many people, and that fear can occasionally cause people to drag their feet and delay making the safety changes necessary for their homes. For one woman, this had near deadly consequences until a local mail carrier saved the day. 

How a 53-Year-Old Michigan Woman Got Stuck in Her Bathtub

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Alison Gibson, a 53-year-old woman from Michigan, was taking her daily bath when she realized something was wrong. Her bathtub’s handrail was out of reach, and she was not able to hoist herself over the edge of the deep tub. Instead, she was stuck.

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She tried everything to get out, but realized that she physically would not be able to, so she did what was necessary to survive hoping that eventually someone would rescue her. 

When I got cold, I ran the hot water. When I got thirsty, I took a drink out of the cold water. That’s about it, try to find a way to get out.

Alison Gibson

The Observant Postal Worker Who Saved a Woman From Her Bathtub

Alison was stuck in her bathroom for five days. Just as she was losing hope, something miraculous happened. Her mail carrier noticed that her mail had been piling up, and decided to do a wellness check. He asked her neighbors for help, and they yelled to Alison through all of the windows they could see, finally yelling for her outside of her bathroom window.

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When she heard the voices, she was amazed. She yelled back, requesting help immediately. The mail carrier and neighbors complied and called first responders, who were able to rescue Alison and send her to the hospital.

In the bathroom when we opened the door, the back of it was covered in mold, the floors were soaking wet, the paint on the walls was bubbling from all of the moisture and actually the ceiling was dripping wet.

Michigan Police 

How a Postal Worker Proved the Importance of Looking Out for Others

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It would have been easy for the mail carrier to drop Alison Gibson’s mail off, take no notice of the pile of mail accumulating at her front door, and leave without notifying anybody. If he had done this, the probability that Alison would have died from being stranded is high.

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Luckily, the mail carrier and the neighbors whom he alerted for help, are community minded. They prioritize looking out for their community members and making sure everyone is okay. It is thanks to this mindset that Alison is alive and well today.

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