Police Officers Mow Lawn for Elderly Man Who Helped Neighbors

Police officers frequently go above and beyond their regular duties in order to help people in their communities. We often hear stories of heroic acts of kindness and brave decisions that save lives. In some cases, however, simple and helpful actions can have just as big an impact. 

The Surprising Reason Why an Elderly Man Was Tired

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Anaheim police officers Alex Ungureanu and Lorenzo Uribe were doing their usual patrol on a sweltering hot day when they came across an unusual sight. An elderly man was working hard mowing his lawn and tending to his yard.

The man, 83-year-old Lupe Robles, appeared run down. The two officers were concerned about Robles’ safety given the high temperature and the man’s age, so they decided to step in and help.

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Officers Ungureanu and Uribe set to work mowing Robles’ lawn for him, pruning his trees, and doing other miscellaneous work that needed to be done to the property. While they were helping, they got to talk to Robles and his neighbors — and they learned why Robles was so exhausted when they first laid eyes on him.

It turns out that Robles had been tending to the neighborhood yards from dawn until dusk every day since he moved into the neighborhood over ten years ago. The community was eternally grateful to the man, who worked for free out of the goodness of his heart to not only make his neighbors’ lives easier, but also to make the neighborhood itself more beautiful.

How 2 Police Officers Proved Karma Is Beautiful

The officers were over the moon to learn that they had been helping someone so generous and kind. 

“This man works from like 6 or 7 o’clock in the morning, till almost dusk. And I get tired just watching him sometimes, and I’m a lot younger than he is!” Robles’ neighbor said.

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The Golden Rule says to treat others as we would want to be treated ourselves. The case of Robles and the two Anaheim police officers is an example of the Golden Rule unfolding in real time.

Robles watered the plants and mowed the lawns of his neighbors day in and day out, purely out of kindness. Then, just when he needed it most, two kind strangers came out of nowhere to tend to Robles’ garden. Karma is beautiful! 


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What goes around comes around

Treat others the way you would like to be treated.

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