Off-duty Firefighter Rescues a Toddler From Burning Building After Smoke Became Too Much


An off-duty firefighter rescued a toddler from a burning building, after using a spare breathing apparatus he had in his car.

33-year-old Stefon Douglas was driving home from work on Sunday last week when he spotted people evacuating a house fire in Brooklyn, New York.

Jumping into action, Stefon remembered he had a breathing apparatus he had used to present to students earlier that week.

Wearing shorts, a t-shirt and a pair of Crocs, then bravely made his way into the burning property when he heard a whimper coming from inside.

After a short search he found a three-year-old girl trapped in the bathroom by the flames and thick smoke.

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Hero Stefon was able to carry the little girl to safety, before going back inside to save her 31-year-old mom.

“Thankfully I had the breathing apparatus in my truck as there’s no way I would have performed the duties I did without that,” the firefighter, of Engine Company 276, said.

“I was able to knock down pockets of fire using the garden hose and that’s when I heard the girl whimpering inside.

“I felt the little girl, grabbed her, picked her up and walked straight back out the same way I came.”

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“There are definitely some times I sit back and think, why me, why was I picked for this?,” Douglas said.

“I really knew nothing about the job until I got here but now I love it. It was the best decision of my life.”

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