Mom Sneaks Video of Neighborhood Kids Teaching Son How to Ride a Bike

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The world is full of bad news and scary stories about children bullying each other and feeling isolated. It is certainly true that we should be looking out for our kids and making sure they are stimulated, educated, and healthy — but the good news is that most kids are!

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One Tennessee mom posted a video on social media showcasing the power of community and playing outside.

Why a Tennessee Mom Captured a Secret Video of Her Son and His Friends

little boy riding a bike
Photo by Chip Vincent on Unsplash

Tambria Currie of Clarksville, Tennessee, looked out her window and saw the most unbelievably adorable scene. Her young son, Mykel, who had been considering taking the big step of learning to ride his bike without training wheels, had actually done it!

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More than that, he was being supported by at least five other neighborhood kids, who were holding his bike upright and teaching him how to keep his balance.

Oh, they trying — the neighborhood kids trying to teach my baby how to ride the bike with no training wheels. And I think it’s just the cutest thing.

Tambria Currie

How a Young Boy in Need Showed the Power in Asking for Help

Mykel had been determined to learn that day, and had not been afraid to ask his peers for help. In return, the neighborhood kids didn’t shame or reduce Mykel to someone who needed training wheels. Instead, they put their teacher hats on and supported Mykel, teaching him and physically holding him up.

We can learn something from this generation. It’s okay to ask for help and it’s definitely okay to help each other.

Tambria Currie

We can all learn something amazing from this adorable little moment: Never be afraid to ask for help, and always offer a supportive hand. Your kindness will always be remembered and appreciated by those around you. 

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don’t be afraid to ask for help

“The only mistake you can make is not asking for help.” – Sandeep Jauhar

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