Mom Moved to Tears as Disabled Son Finally Gets to Play in the Sea Thanks to Beach Wheelchair –WATCH

Family photo by Helen Butterfield – SWNS

A little boy finally got to play in the sea, thanks to the use of a beach wheelchair—and his laughter brought his mom to tears.

Joey has quadriplegic cerebral palsy, which affects both of his arms and legs, and sometimes his torso and face.

The two-year-old suffers with very bad sensory issues and cannot stand the feel of grass, sand, carpet, and snow.

Trips to the beach were impossible, but thanks to a charity offering the big-wheeled wheelchairs on Ingoldmells beach in Lincolnshire, the family has finally been able to enjoy the sea for the first time.

Helen Butterfield filmed her little boy squealing with excitement as the sea water washed over him and his dad.

The mother of three who lives in Sheffield as Joey’s full time care-giver, said seeing his reaction was one of the most special moments of her life.

“Honestly, he has never laughed so much.”

She credits the community group Beach Ability Ingoldmells with having given her boy a special gift: “the chance to experience waves and mother nature’s beauty instead of feeling left out and different.”

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“I’m just so glad I managed to get it on camera. We will never, ever forget this day.

Joey, who was born prematurely at 27 weeks, weighing just 2 pounds 6 ounces, cannot support his body enough to sit unaided with the diagnosis of quadriplegic cerebral palsy.

Doctors have prepared the family for the possibility that he will never be able to walk but mum Helen is determined to do everything she can to give him the best life possible.

Joey hates how pretty much everything feels, but the one thing he loves is water.

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“He doesn’t handle well, especially with strangers, and gets so frustrated, but pop him in the bath and he is in heaven. It was like Joey was born to be a water baby.

“He has been through so much, so seeing him in the sea was the best feeling ever. He is so tiny, but mighty—and I’m sure his strength and determination won’t stop there.”

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