Microsoft tests Windows 11 store that won’t update apps if you’re using them

Microsoft is testing some updates to the Microsoft Store on Windows 11 that will improve how updates are handled. Currently, some store apps will close and reopen while they’re being updated, which means you could lose work if you opened the Microsoft Store and selected update apps. Microsoft is now testing a change to the Store that will skip over updates for apps that are open instead.

The store update also includes faster navigation, which should make it a little smoother to find apps to download and install on Windows 11. Alongside these navigation improvements, Microsoft is also introducing native Arm64 support, so the Microsoft Store will be a lot faster on devices like the Surface Pro X.

Faster Microsoft Store navigation.
Image: Microsoft

Finally, Microsoft is extending its pop-up store support to Android apps. If you’re browsing the web and find an Android app that’s in the Amazon Appstore, Windows 11 will show a pop-up store experience to allow you to quickly install it.

This latest Microsoft Store update is available to Windows Insiders in the Dev channel, and should be available to all Windows 11 users over the coming months. Microsoft is also testing a new restore feature for the Microsoft Store, allowing Windows 11 users to quickly re-install apps on a new PC.

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