Meet the Alpaca Who Thinks She’s a Dog and Rides in a Car Bought Especially For Her


Meet the alpaca who thinks she’s a dog—and even travels round in a Vauxhall estate car bought especially for her.

Spoiled two-year-old Annie the alpaca was rejected by her mum and had to be bottle-fed every two hours by owner Dannie Burns.

This strange story begins when Burns first bought two alpacas on a whim 14 years ago after losing his job. Dannie described keeping them as an “addiction” and has ten staff on hand at The Alpaca Trekking Centre in Stirling to look after alpaca, cows, sheep, and even a golden eagle.

Annie grew up living a luxurious life as a family pet and wanders around doing what she wants.

In the beginning, father-of-three Dannie brought her with him everywhere he went as Annie needed a strict feeding routine, and she lived in his house in Stirling along with three dogs and two cats.


However she has since been barred from the house due to chewing through cables, raiding profiteroles at Christmas, and even opening doors with her mouth.

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She prefers to socialize with the three Labradoodle dogs and believes she is one, and loves to relax on car journeys in the back of the big Vauxhall Zafira station wagon bought to accommodate her. She loves to stretch her head out the window and recently charmed traffic cops who stopped to take pictures with her.

“She was in our house for six months, getting bottlefed every two hours,” Burns remembers. She was eating everything—toy soldiers, ribbons, bits of plastic, she’s a nightmare.”

“She was with us the last two Christmases but she is very naughty, she ate profiteroles and pulled lettuce out the bowl. She sleeps on the porch now.

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Annie is currently expecting her own baby and Dannie is not sure how she will take to motherhood, as she has rejected mixing with the herd of 75 alpacas which roam around in fields.

“We are hoping she will go back with the herd once she has her baby,” he explains. “She wants nothing to do with the other alpacas, she hides when she sees them [or maybe] has a superiority complex over them.”

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