Mailman Sends $20 to Little Boy Who Gave Him Free Kool-Aid

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Business is about the bottom line. This is something we learn over and over again. Money is the name of the game and we should all seek to get as much of it as possible. Business principles are clear: You never give anything away for free.

However, one little boy in Michigan learned an important lesson when he started up his own business — sometimes, kindness is more important than money, and the reward for kindness is often more powerful too. 

A 5-Year-Old Boy’s Kool-Aid Stand and the Strange Van That Changed Everything

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Adam Houssami, a 5-year-old Michigan boy, wanted to embark on his first entrepreneurial endeavor: A Kool-Aid stand. The summer heat was beating down on his hometown, and he figured people would be willing to spend fifty cents on a cup to stay cool and get refreshed. So, he set up his stand and waited for the big bucks to roll in.

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All in all, he hoped to sell 20 cups of the drink in order to make 10 dollars, which would allow him to buy a few treats for himself. While business was slow, Adam did get a few customers here and there. Then, a mysterious van showed up that would change the boy’s outlook forever. 

Adam’s mother Krista was inside and out of earshot when the man in the van approached Adam, so she missed what had happened when the van finally pulled away. She noticed that Adam didn’t seem to have more money than he did when she had walked away, so she asked him what the man wanted. Adam explained that the stranger had been a mailman, whose truck was out for maintenance.

Why a Thirsty Mailman Left a Note in a Little Boy’s Mailbox

The mailman had been interested in cooling down with a fresh cup of Kool-Aid, but he didn’t have any cash on him. Without hesitating, Adam gave him a free cup as he could tell that the man was truly thirsty. Krista was touched that her son would be so kind, and she congratulated him for his actions, thinking that was the end of the story, but she was wrong.

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A few days after the incident with the mailman, Krista noticed a folded up note in the Houssami mailbox addressed to Adam. Inside the note was another surprise! There was a letter to Adam from the mailman thanking him for being so kind and generous with his Kool-Aid. 

Adam — Remember last week you were selling Kool-Aid on a hot day? I didn’t have any money but you offered me Kool-Aid anyways. Thanks man! I was really thirsty. Good things happen to people like you. Stay cool dude.

Letter from the mailman;

How One Boy Proved That Even Small Acts of Kindness Can Have a Big Impact

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Enclosed in the note was also a $20 bill! Adam, who had been hustling all week to make just $10, was overjoyed. His mother was touched by the whole thing, from her son’s generous actions to the mailman’s thoughtful gratitude, and shared the story on social media where it went viral.

It makes me feel really good to know that there are still people in the world that care. I think that shows no matter what you should help people. That small gesture was something really big.

Krista Houssami

As Krista said, even the smallest acts of kindness can have a big impact. Adam learned that nice people don’t finish last, they get rewarded. This important lesson will follow Adam throughout his life, and it is one he will be able to teach to those around him.

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Even small acts of kindness can have a big impact in someone’s life.

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