Is Staying the Course Still The Best Investing Strategy?

Today on The MarketBeat Podcast Kate sits down with Nanette Abuhoff Jacobson, Managing Director and Multi-Asset Strategist at Wellington Management Company and Global Investment Strategist for Hartford Funds. Nanette gives us a fund manager’s perspective on the big picture, with a particular emphasis on how to allocate asset classes, and where investors should consider paring back or adding. – MarketBeat

  • How today’s higher inflation, growth fears, and Fed rate hikes make today’s investment environment challenging
  • Is simply staying the course the right thing to do right now, especially as many investors hold a high concentration of growth stocks in their portfolios
  • With growth not working at the moment, what other asset classes should investors be adding?
  • Should investors try to anticipate where the market’s going, given today’s unusual economic landscape?
  • How your time horizon should guide your investment decisions as you formulate a philosophy and framework.
  • Over a long time, the normal pattern of the economy is to grow, but the current environment means you should tilt toward a more defensive allocation
  • What asset classes should you reduce, and which should you consider adding?
  • How should you allocate your portfolio given that fixed income is declining at the same time as equities?
  • Has the market already priced in some of the current risky scenarios?
  • Does Nanette believe the traditional 60/40 portfolio is dead, as many analysts are saying?
  • Should you be increasing your cash holding now?
  • How should investors include commodities in a diversified portfolio?
  • How shareholders are pressuring energy companies and affecting supply
  • What is one of the few asset classes that can offer protection in a stagflation environment?
  • What’s the danger of making too many portfolio shuffles to avoid losses, but perhaps missing a new rally?
  • What are specific portfolio moves you can make right now to be defensive, while also being positioned for the market rebound?

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